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Date 2009-07-09

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Date 2009-01-05

wife carolyn sharedSteve brought his sexy wife Carolyn over for some hot wife swapping action. They have been married a few years now and are looking to add a little excitement to their sex life. They love to explore sexually and thought this would be a great way to enhance things even more. Steve decided that he would really enjoy watching his sexy young wife be pleased by another man while he watched. We introduced them to Van Brunt and let the sexy begin. Van started out by just kissing and slowly undressing her, slowly working his way down to her beautiful pink pussy and ass. Soon she had his thick cock stuffed in her mouth and was getting fucked harder and deeper than ever. We think Steve got a little bit jealous, but we know he enjoyed it because he asked us if they could come back sometime and do it again. You are going to love listening to this hot blonde wife as she is shared with another man right in front of her husband.

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Date 2008-12-01

cuckold husband fantasyThe fine folks who run the site, Sharing My Wife, were approached by this couple to fulfull one of their long time fantasies. You see, Doug, the husband, is a somewhat shy professional man who had a dark and naughty fantasy which involvesd his wife getting fucked by another man. He not only wanted to watch – he wanted her to talk nasty to him while she was fucking the stranger. He is a cuckhold and she is one dirty talking wife for certain.

We emailed back and forth for a while and Doug finally got up the nerve to just go for it.

Amy, who happens to have an amazing body, picked out one of our hot studs named Justin. She got to see pictures of his large dick and toned body. She couldn’t wait to get finally meet him and get her hands all over his body – especially his cock, which is larger than her cuckold husband’s useless dick.

The day finally arrived, and to conceil Doug’s identity, he was provided with a mask so that his coworkers wouldn’t find out what he was up to and discover that he’s a wimp whose wife needs to turn to strangers to get fucked really hard and be pleasured.

Watching Amy screwing a stranger in front of her husband, and listening to the cruel things she was saying poor Doug while doing it, I’m pretty well convinced that she wasn’t just acting. Trust me, this horny wife didn’t have to think twice about letting another man fuck her.

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Date 2008-08-22

Shared wife Brooke - Naughyty AllieNaughty Allie, being a wonderful wife, really enjoys watching her husband fucking her girlfriends. About the only thing better than seeing Jake drilling one of her hot, slutty friends is when they are joined by a third person, particularly if that third person is another guy. For Allie, just watching a chick being fucked by two guys at once is about as hot as it gets, especially when one of those guys is her husband. Talk about the perfect wife!

Speaking of two guys fucking one girl, you may have seen the video where Allie is getting fucked by Jake and his friend Grant at the same time. Since Grant’s wife,  Brooke, was kind enough to allow Allie to use her husband on a previous occasion, she thought it was only fair that she reciprocate by offering up Jake for some play.  Plus, it was a win-win situation since Allie knew she would be able to get herself off while watching the three of them going at it.

Naughty Allie managed to snap these pics for everyone while she was holding the camera with one hand and diddling herself with the other. Unfortunately, she had to delete quite a few of the pics she took because many of them were so blurry you couldn’t even tell what was going on. (Hey, let’s see you try masturbating with one hand while snapping photos with the other.)

This was a big surprise for Grant. Although he’s seen Jake fucking his own wife on other occasions, he was caught off guard when Jake and Allie called him into the room to see his pretty young wife down on her knees sucking Jake’s cock. Once he was filled in on the plan for a three-way fucking of Brooke, he stripped out of his clothes and the party got started.

So now that Brooke and Allie are even again, that means next time they meet Allie will get to take on the boys while Brooke gets stuck behind the camera. Fair play.

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Date 2008-08-18

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