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Date 2008-06-18

slutty wife gangbangedWhat kind of silly guy would send his wife to a stranger so that he and his friends could bang  the shit out of her? Well, a guy like me. Of course, the slightly chubby, yet very sexy, whore wife in these video clips isn’t my wife. I wouldn’t let you sick fuckers watch my little slut wife getting gangbanged by strangers. No sir!

Fortunately, some guys WANT you to see their wives in action, and Sally’s husband is no exception. He really wanted to be able to share his wife with this buddies, but she felt funny about that. She didn’t mind the idea having all those hard cocks inside her, stroking away at her tight housewife pussy, but she was afraid of the walk of shame once it was over.

So, in order to eliminate his wife of any possible guilt, the guy sends her to be gangbanged by a stranger and his friends, figuring that they’d teach her to be the slut wife that he needs her to be. Well, I’m pretty sure that Sally is just as slutty as anyone would want their spouse to be at this point. Hell, she just got fucked in the ass by several men AND they came in her asshole too


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