Trained Wife Movies

Date 2008-07-18

Slut wife in training moviesThe sexy, slutty wife in these wife training movies (gallery link) is Sonya. Her husband was getting a little bored with her and decided that he’d like her to be a better, more slutty lay. Who doesn’t want their wife to be able to fuck and suck like a little whore? So he sent his innocent wife to Dirty D and friends for some Slut Wife Training.

I’m not sure he if realized what Dirty D and his gang of reprobates would do to his wife though. They treated that poor wench like a complete fuckdoll and, as you’ll see in the movie clips, fucked her everyhole. She was being fucked from every direction by an unknown number of guys in what can only be described as a gangbang.

In the end, Sonya was no longer a sweet housewife – they made her into a slut, just as planned, and even gave her an anal creampie. I’d bet that her hubby wasn’t expecting her to get ass-fucked by multipe men when he decided to make her a bit more kinky.


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